About me:

I am, depending on the day and time you encounter me, a librarian, a student of digital media, and a parent.

I am currently a librarian at the University of Washington. Officially I’m a business librarian, but if they had a position of a library tinkerer, that’s what I’d be. When I’m not helping students do business research I look for ways to make the library just a little bit cooler and have some fun in the process. I like tools that make my life easier and if I have to get into code, I can, but I am no means a programmer or developer.

I am a student in the UW Master of Communication in Digital Media program. As a student in this program I am investigating the intersection of storytelling, digital media and the power of social tools to build and engage communities. If that sounded like brochure-speak, it is a bit. My current interests are around the evolution of publishing and data visualization (those are two separate things, by the way).

I am a parent with all the joy, exhaustion and perspective that comes along with that.

I am, of course, lots of other things, some of which will likely seep into this blog, but those three things are typically what guides my thinking and attention most days.

If all this sounds just too exiting and you just absolutely need to know more, go to about.me

About Not a Fax:

People of a certain age will likely remember when fax machines were a primary tool for communication and document sharing. Those same people may also remember that the Murata Corporation was one of the largest manufacturers of fax machines. As far as I know, I am neither related nor an heir to this multinational corporation. It’s possible that some long distant cousin cut my line of the family out of this great fortune and if that’s true, well all I can say is ‘watch out.’

Suffice it to say, regardless of my relation or non-relation to this great purveyor of fax machines, I can’t stand faxes and I seriously question any organization that requires me to fax them anything.


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